13 Everyday Items You Could Use For Survival

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Your everyday items might just be your ticket to survival. Know what you need here!

Everyday Items List for Survival: Your Life Depends On It


1. Coffee Filters

Coffee Filter in the Kitchen | Everyday Items You Could Use For Survival

Coffee filters aren’t just for making your daily cup of Joe. In fact, you can get even more out of it by using it as a plate or bowl since it’s lightweight and easy to dispose of.

Other alternative uses for coffee filters include the following:

  • For filtering water or juice
  • Smudge cleaner for eyeglasses
  • Emergency toilet paper
  • Potting soil
  • Gardening

2. Tabs

Don’t be so quick to throw away those soda tabs. These humble everyday items can actually be quite handy.

For example, if you happen to run out of fishing hooks while fishing, you can twist and cut these tabs up to create a hook.

When doing this, use pliers and protective gloves to prevent the makeshift hook from cutting your skin.

3. Drinking Straws

Colorful Drinking Straw | Everyday Items You Could Use For Survival

Plastic drinking straws can provide a quick method for sealing and packaging.

For example, you can stuff a straw with petroleum jelly soaked-cotton. Then burn both ends to create an airtight container to create small torches.

The following are other useful suggestions to seal in your plastic drinking straws:

  • Spices
  • Ointments
  • Medicine
  • Liquids
  • Survival fishing kit

4. Glass Bottles

A glass bottle is definitely useful for transporting water or other dry powders.

If you break up these bottles, the glass shards can become knives, arrowheads, scrapers, and other weapons after some shaping down.

Given this, glass bottles can be one of the most important survival items.

5. Wax

Wax isn’t just for candles, but it can also be great for making objects more water-resistant. To do this, you can simply rub a thin layer of wax to completely coat the object.

Additionally, wax can be a useful lubricant and means to combat rust on essential tools made of metal.

6. Hygiene Products

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There is a variety of different uses for male and female hygiene products such as condoms and tampons. And these uses go far beyond what these products are usually for.

For instance, condoms can become tourniquets for first aid, part of a slingshot, or a water container.

On the other hand, tampons can also be useful in wound dressing as well as in filtering water and starting fires in the wilderness.

7. Dental Floss

Dental floss is one of the items people use every day. It comes in small, compact packaging, thus making it them very easy to bring around.

Aside from helping maintain your oral hygiene, a string of floss can be an essential survival item.

Securing your gear and creating a trap and tripwire among many other things are just some of the few uses.

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8. Duct Tape

Duct tape is another great tool to secure objects. However, with this tape, there are limitless uses and possibilities.

For example, it can be used to create survival arrow spines. You can also use it to repair things like a boat.

Additionally, duct tape can be useful when it comes to building and mending an emergency shelter and survival tools.

9. Egg Cartons

Close Up of Egg Cartons | Everyday Items You Could Use For Survival

After you’ve exhausted your egg supply, don’t throw your cartons away. These cardboard trays can be useful when it comes to maintaining a garden.

Not only will your egg carton garden be affordable and easy, but it will also be more space efficient and easy to transport.

Simply plant your little seedlings in the small pits where the eggs used to be and watch your tiny plants grow.

10. Bandana

A bandana is one of those household items to keep on your person in an emergency situation. These everyday items have multiple uses that can really make a difference for your survival.

These are used in making smoke signals, a makeshift bandage, or a holder of edible plants. Should you need it, you can also create a makeshift slingshot with a bandana.

Additionally, colorful bandanas are great for making yourself more visible to your companions in the thick of the jungle.

11. Tin Cans

If you cut up a tin can just right, you can turn it into a mini stove. These stoves help cook food faster despite the wind.

Definitely, a makeshift stove is key when it comes to speeding up lunchtimes to keep the team moving. They can also be useful in wilderness survival for getting some heat in when you’re settled for the night.

12. Pantyhose

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Having a pair of pantyhose on hand is great for water purification, food dehydration, and also keeping the bugs and mosquitoes away at night.

What’s also great about this makeshift tool is how it is so light, small, and easy to carry. You even have the option to wear it if you don’t feel like stuffing it into your bag.

13. Chapstick

We know dry lips will be the least of your problems while trying to survive. But, bringing lip balm with you can actually be one of the best things you can do to improve your chances.

Given its waxy composition, these little sticks are a great emergency source of fuel.

It is also quite helpful in that it comes in a very light and compact packaging, which makes it easier to carry around in your backpack

Check out these 7 simple survival hacks using household items in this video from Survival Life:

We hope you find these everyday items for survival tips to be useful should you find yourself caught up in a struggle for survival. However, you can definitely learn more about the different uses of ordinary items through a simple web search.

This short list is definitely a great start if you’re in a rush to secure a useful emergency survival pack. Next time you see these everyday items around, just set one or two aside for your survival kit.

Do you have any other everyday items for survival you have used in the past? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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