7 Self-Defense Martial Arts For Personal Safety And Survival

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Self-defense is important for preppers and average joes alike, so here are the best self-defense martial arts disciplines you might want to consider training in.

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Train with These Self-Defense Martial Arts Techniques

Self-Defense Martial Arts: A Survival Skill

When it comes to self-defense, learning martial arts is one of the smartest things you can do. If you meet opponents ready and committed to taking you down, you can defend yourself and walk away unharmed.

Knowing certain special techniques give you the advantage of several options to fight off attackers. Essentially, martial arts is also a form of fitness exercise which is also vital to your survival.

Moreover, know-how in self-defense martial arts gives you the element of surprise. A stranger cannot tell for certain the self-defense training you have.

And without any visible weapons, they’ll assume you are a defenseless fellow they can easily take on–they’re dead wrong.

There are different forms of martial arts you can choose from to train in. Some evolved from ancient forms of self-defense and others are forms of combined or mixed martial arts.

The following are some of the most popular types of martial arts for self-defense.

1. Kickboxing for Self Defense

Muay thai | Self-Defense Martial Arts For Personal Safety And Survival
Kickboxing trains you to be good at using many “weapons” – your hands, feet, knees, elbows, and head. So, it’s a great martial art to help defend you against an unarmed attacker.

Simply rush at your attacker and quickly send him a hard kick in the chin. Kickboxing thrives on such moves which require you to attack fast, using the element of surprise.

If you do it correctly, you’ll successfully force your attacker to bite off his tongue, break his jaw, crush his throat, break his teeth, etc.

In kickboxing, you train to deliver lethal kicks and blows efficiently and powerfully without getting telegraphed.

What Is Telegraphing? Telegraphing is a term used in sports where one reveals their next move or situation unintentionally.

Another smart kickboxing move is to quickly grab his hand with the weapon (if your attacker is holding one other than a gun) and headbutt him on the face, particularly on the nose.

Kickboxers train to endure pain and damages to any part of their body. Click here for the full post.

2. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense Martial Arts

Brazilian jiu-jitsu | Self-Defense Martial Arts For Personal Safety And Survival
And the winner, which receives the most of our visitors’ votes in our Top 10 Martial Arts in the World list is – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). It’s difficult to explain, but I know from personal experience, I fell in love with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu during my first training session.

This wonderful type of martial art became famous during the very first Ultimate Fighting Championship competitions when Royce Gracie defeated his opponents one after another by using just BJJ technique. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is currently the most popular martial art among MMA fighters.

As Helio Gracie said – “Jiu-Jitsu is for the protection of the individual, the older man, the weak, the child, the lady, the young women – anyone who doesn’t have the physical attributes to defend themselves.” See more at Martial Arts Lab.

3. Muay Thai for Self Defense

Kick boxing | Self-Defense Martial Arts For Personal Safety And Survival
Muay Thai is quite known to be a very effective art in all circles. It has proven itself quite well in competitions like mixed martial arts and kickboxing. It teaches diversity in striking since kicks, punches, elbows, knees, and more are very well taught.

Muay Thai focuses to a great extent on the clinch, or inside fighting on the feet. So when someone comes in and tries to turn a self-defense situation into a grappling match, which let’s face it happens very frequently, Muay Thai has an answer, at least before the fight hits the ground.

That said, Muay Thai is not a grappling art, per se. And since the majority of fights end up on the ground, this is a weakness. You can read the full article at Thought Co.

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4. Krav Maga Self Defense Martial Arts

krav maga Self defense | Self-Defense Martial Arts For Personal Safety And Survival
Krav Maga 004-1 is Israel’s national martial art, developed largely by Imi Lichtenfeld, and dedicated to no-holds-barred incapacitation for the purpose of street survival. No quarter is expected or given.

It incorporates Western boxing punches, Karate kicks and knees, Greco-Roman wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu ground fighting, Jiu-jitsu throws and grappling, and most importantly, “bursting,” adapted from Wing Chun.

This is a simultaneous defense/attack: instead of blocking an attack and then delivering a response, you block the attack and deliver a response at the same time, i. e., block with the left arm and push forward with the legs, striking with the right fist to the throat, all simultaneously. See more

5. Taekwondo for Self Defense

Taekwondo | Self-Defense Martial Arts For Personal Safety And Survival
Taekwondo: the real serious form of taekwondo is a Korean martial art that draws techniques from many other martial arts. It’s what MMA would be if designed by traditional martial arts experts.

The discipline involves various strikes with the hands and feet, from a mobile stance. There are also some take-downs, holds, and joint locks.

However, the emphasis on speed and high kicks might keep some older and slower would-be martial artists from pursuing the discipline.

6. Karate for Self Defense Martial Arts

Silhouette of woman doing karate | Self-Defense Martial Arts For Personal Safety And Survival
A very common martial arts practice, karate means “Empty hand” because there are no weapons used. Karate dates back to as early as the 1300s.

It consists of zero weapon-striking. Instead, an individual’s hands and legs become the main forms of defense.

Not only is karate a good self-defense tool, but it also packs a few health benefits not found in other martial arts practices.

It is said to use karate only when you are confronted by a “villain or ruffian,” and you can also use it as a way to avoid fighting or confrontation. – Udemy

7. Boxing for Self Defense Martial Arts

Boxing | Self-Defense Martial Arts For Personal Safety And Survival
Few martial arts teach these two defensive skills: Use the head to protect the head and the body to protect the body. Instead, they use weapon-fighting tactics–using their hands to protect the head or the body.

For self-defense from the pocket, it would be hard to defend against a good boxer. Of course, boxing’s lack of elbow strikes, groin attacks, and ground defense is limiting, but for pain tolerance and conditioning, it can’t be beaten.

Check out this video from Maher Husseini for self-defense moves and techniques you can learn: 

You can have skills at handling guns and other weapons, but it is also necessary to be able to fight for your survival even without weapons within your reach.

Whether you are a male or female, young or old, you must have at least some basic training in martial arts. So take your pick now for the best self-defense techniques for you.

Which of these self-defense martial arts techniques would you like to train in first? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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