8 Emergency Water Storage Tips For Preppers Like You

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Having emergency water storage is extremely vital, especially in times of distress. Be prepared with these tips!

What’s Your Emergency Water Storage Strategy?


Importance of Drinking Water Storage Containers for Emergencies

One interesting fact about the human body is that it is made up of roughly 70% water. Therefore, it is essential to our physiology to have enough fluid in our body. The human body can live for weeks without food as long as it is well-hydrated. Water is a necessity we can’t afford to lose. Setting up a home emergency water system should be a priority.

There are emergency situations where we have to live without running water. It may be because of unforeseen natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. In the event of a crisis, some people tend to buy bottled water, but there are other feasible alternatives. An emergency or survival water storage is the best workable option and is a life saver. Listed below are tips on how to store and preserve water properly.

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1. Identify Your Containers

Identify Your Containers | Emergency Water Storage Tips For Preppers Like You
You need to choose suitable emergency water storage containers. There are several types of containers you can use such as food-grade water containers, plastic soft drink bottles, glass containers, water storage jugs, and stainless steel tanks if you want to collect rainwater.

You can easily buy water storage containers at Walmart or other stores. Be sure to clean and disinfect containers first before storing water in it. Learn more about water containers for long-term storage here.

2. Water Preservation and Treatment

 Water Preservation and Treatment | Emergency Water Storage Tips For Preppers Like You
There’s no need to add anything if you’re using tap water or if it is already treated commercially. But if it’s from a well or from a public place, you have to make sure it is safe to drink before storing it. You can use chlorine, iodine, and calcium hypochlorite for your emergency water storage treatment. This is a necessary step to avoid falling ill or contracting water-borne diseases.

In emergency situations, becoming sick is highly dangerous. Check out the link for more info in making your water safe in a survival situation.

3. Store Your Water

Store Your Water | Emergency Water Storage Tips For Preppers Like You
It is important to store your water in a cool, dry, and dark place where it won’t be exposed to sunlight. UV rays have an effect on containers and chlorine as well. Just make sure the area where you’ll store the drinking water containers is clean enough and can easily be accessed during emergencies. Where you keep your water is significant for emergency preparedness.

4. Water Replacement

Water Replacement | Emergency Water Storage Tips For Preppers Like You
It is necessary to replace stored water in after 6 months, especially homemade stored water. This is to avoid any contaminants that can build up inside the water container over a long period of time. Some drinking water contaminants may be harmful if consumed at certain levels. With that said, it’s best to replace water stored for a long period of time.

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5. Look for Other Water Sources

Look for Other Water Sources | Emergency Water Storage Tips For Preppers Like You
The survival water you’re going to store is not only for drinking. There are other uses of water such as bathing and cleaning cookware and kitchen utensils. Of course, we also need to be mindful of our hygiene.

In emergency situations, it is better to use drinking water as sparingly as possible. That’s why you should also look for other sources of water like melted ice cubes, water from canned goods, and water from specific trees and plants. You can also collect and store rain in water storage tanks specifically for non-consumption use. Learn more about other water sources here.

6. Water Barrels

Having a couple of 55-gallon barrels for water storage goes a long way. These barrels are made from food-grade plastic which is very tough and dependable. They’re UV-resistant so the sun’s UV rays won’t have any negative effect on the stored water even if the barrels are placed under direct sunlight. Surely, you have some unused corners in the house to place the barrels.

7. Capture Rainwater

Setting up a home emergency water system utilizing rainwater is also another option to try. Rainwater can be used for inexpensive long-term water reserve. You can hook up a diverter to a downspout from the roof and attach a tube going to a rain barrel. Install two of the 55-gallon barrels on each corner of your house. That’s approximately 27 days worth of water for your family.

8. Sanitize Your Containers

Sanitize Your Containers | Emergency Water Storage Tips For Preppers Like You

It’s imperative you sanitize whatever container you use for storing water. Fill up the 55-gallon barrel with a gallon of water, then add 5 tablespoons of unscented bleach. Roll the barrel on the ground to wash the entire inside surface with bleach water. Pour the bleach water out and you’re ready to fill the barrel with clean water. You can do this with other emergency drinking water storage containers you’re planning to use.


Watch this video from EmergencyFoodWarehouse.com for more info about emergency water storage :

Living without clean, potable water is absolutely devastating. We might find ourselves trapped in an irreversible death spiral if we fail to have access to drinkable water in times of crisis. Hydration and sanitation are two important factors we need to consider all the time. So as a prepper, we must ALWAYS have a solid emergency water storage plan to survive a catastrophic event. Follow the steps above and start storing water now!

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