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Life comes at you fast, and sometimes you won’t have the option of getting all of your gear together.  When this happens you just have to drop everything and go.  This can cause much unneeded stress but don’t lose all hope. Your personal EDC kit will help you prepare for a situation such as this.

There are a few items that can be carried with you at all times that can seriously improve your survival chances should you be caught off guard.  These items make up what I like to call my EDC kit (every day carry).  These are items that I carry on me every day that fit into my normal lifestyle and that a normal person would never guess is something useful to my survival.

Essential Items for your EDC Kit

Below are some of the items that I keep in my car as an EDC kit:

  1. A folding pocket knife
  2. A good pair of boots
  3. Paracord bracelet (roughly 10 feet of cord)
  4. Aqua Mira: Frontier emergency water filter
  5. 8 LED flashlight with batteries and adapter ( takes either 1 C Battery or 3 AAA’s)
  6. Bright yellow emergency poncho
  7. Mylar survival blanket
  8. Stainless steel water bottle (also used as a container for the kit).
  9.  Not pictured is one 400 calorie ration bar from Millennium simply because it was time to rotate it out (and I was hungry).  Millennium makes a great compact energy bar that fits just about anywhere.
  10. I also created an EDC tin from an Altoids container that I keep in my desk.  Aside from the odd look I get when I refuse to give a coworker a mint, this fits effortlessly in my pocket or my desk or just about anywhere and no one will ever be the wiser.  Inside the Altoids tin I keep an array of items.  The most common items are:
  11. Small screw top pill holder filled with Vaseline:  Vaseline has a variety of uses. It can be used to prevent and cure chapped lips and hands, can be put on cuts and scrapes to help prevent infection and is extremely effective as a fire starter.
  12. Cotton balls
  13. Weatherproof matches
  14. A small wire saw
  15. A small assortment of fishing supplies
  16. A few hard candies and or bouillon cube if there is room, a small amount of sugar can give you a great energy and moral boost after a crisis.

I have several EDC kits that I have stashed in my car, at my desk, and even in my pocket at all times.  Each one is a little different than the last.

Whatever you decide to put in your EDC kit, make sure that even if you’re caught unaware… you’re never unprepared.

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