Ingenious Tool Hacks You Never Knew You Could Do

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These tool hacks can vastly increase your productivity and efficiency by getting the most out of your everyday tools.

Tool Hacks: New Uses for Old Tools


Neat Hacks Using Old Tools

Our tasks can be a lot easier if we have the right tools within our reach. What if the right equipment is not in your toolbox? Below are ingenious DIY tool hacks that can cut down your work time and save your hard-earned money just by using the full potential of your already existing tools.

1. Cut a PVC Pipe Using a String

Cutting mounted PVC pipes can be difficult and tricky if you don’t have the right tools, but with the use of a string, you can easily slice through pipes. The string works as quickly as a saw and fits into tight spaces. All you have to do is cut a shallow notch using a file or hacksaw blade to give it a starting point and then pull the string back and forth until the pipe comes loose.

2. Shine Shoes with a Drill

Polishing your shoes to look new and shiny can take a great deal of your time. To reduce the time you spend making your dull shoes glossy, this drill machine hack can simply do the task. Just change your drill bit with a buffing ball, and it will instantly transform into a high-speed polisher. You can also apply polish to your shoes before buffing to make them look even more lustrous.

3. Use a Comb to Hold a Nail

Have you experienced accidentally bashing your fingers while hammering a nail? Now, you don’t have to feel the excruciating pain ever again! Just insert the nail between the teeth of a comb to hold it in place before you hit it with a hammer.

4. Clean with a Leaf Blower

Don’t limit your good old leaf blower to a single yard task. After all, it’s also an excellent cleaning tool which performs faster than a broom or vacuum. You can use it to dust your room, clean cobwebs in your garage, dry your car, air out sheds, and a whole a lot more.

5. Mix Concrete Using a Rake

Mix Concrete Using a Rake | Ingenious Tool Hacks You Never Knew You Could Do | handyman hacks

Instead of using a hoe, you can try a garden rake to mix concrete. The rake tines can do an exceptional job in mixing water and powder without splashing too much water over the edge. Besides, pushing powder around the mixing tub with a hoe can consume a lot of your valuable time.

6. Glue with an Air Compressor

Applying glue into cracks using a tiny brush or toothpick can require you to spend hours of doing it. You can glue a lot faster, deeper, and evenly by using an air compressor. Just squeeze a line of glue along the crack, then blast it with an air compressor to force the glue inside. This will also start the drying process, thus helping you finish your job quicker.

You can also use the air compressor for varnishing as it can drive the stain deep into the grooves, inside corners, carvings, or any other hard to reach spots.

7. Shorten Bolt Using a Drill

If there’s a need to shorten a long bolt, you can simply do it by using a power drill and a hacksaw. The first thing you have to do is mark the spot on the bolt where you want to cut it. Screw two nuts onto the bolt and tighten them against each other. Attach the bolt to the drill and hold the hacksaw blade against the mark. Run the drill and once you’ve cut through most of the bolt, twist off the part of the bolt you still need to use.

8. Uncork a Bottle with a Screw

When you need to open a wine bottle but can’t find the corkscrew, an ordinary screw with coarse threads can do the job. Drive the screw into the cork with a vise-grip, a screwdriver, or a drill. It may take a little muscle to yank the cork out but the wine is worth it in the end.

9.  Refill Car Oil with a Screwdriver

Need to refill your car engine’s oil, but the funnel is nowhere to be found? Well, worry no more because a screwdriver can do the trick. Remove the oil cap and place the tip of the screwdriver into the oil intake. Smoothly pour the oil towards the intake while hitting the screwdriver’s shaft.


Looking for more awesome tool hacks? Watch this video from 5-Minute Crafts and learn more creative ways to use your everyday tools:

Innovative makers intricately built every tool for a particular purpose. But for a more imaginative mind, these tools are not restricted to only one job. You can turn your everyday tools into something useful when the right tool isn’t available. Sure, you can stop working and head out to the nearest hardware store, but it slows down your progress and costs you more money. All you have to do is let your creative juices flow and think outside the box to change the game. For all you know, you can come up with your own ingenious tool hacks!

Do you know other tool hacks to utilize at home? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! 

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