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Much have been said over the web about the mind of the prepper and the survivalist. There are good things and there are bad things. Just like other interest groups and subcultures in the country, we have our own share of good publicity as well as those that do not make us feel so good about ourselves. It is unfortunate that a popular form of mass media has taken our group as a subject and has been putting a bad light on our beliefs and every prepper in general.

The Psychology of the Prepper

So there are some burning questions that need to be answered. Let the buck stop here. The answer should be direct and as concrete and objective as possible.

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Do You Have A Prepper Mentality?

It was just another day… then disaster strikes. We are all settled into a day-to-day routine of work, home and play. Does not panic set in?

Not for us. Why? We are preppers. We live by this Preppers doctrine:

Because you never know when the day before… is the day before. Prepare for tomorrow.

Do you have a Preppers mentality? As I sat down to write this article about Preppers Mentality, I thought I would Google the subject to see what else has been written. As is true for most of you, Google begins to auto-populate results as you type in the letters in the search box. Where am I going with this, you ask?

p-r-e-p-p-e-r-s m-e-n-t

and here come the results:

preppers mental illness, preppers mental health, preppers mental disorder

Gee, is this the most common search terms related to Preppers Mentality? Are we all crazy? Most people’s perceptions are developed through the news media, television and movies. Most mainstream media reports about Preppers are negative. There are several responsible journalists that portray Preppers in a positive light, when they can. When people think television, they think “Doomsday Preppers”. Love the show, but most times I don’t think that National Geographic does the Prepper community any favors.

Do we care? We shouldn’t, but it’s hard not to get butt hurt when you are constantly vilified or portrayed as “crazy”.

But none of that is important to the issue of being mentally prepared to be a Prepper. Prepping is a mindset, a lifestyle. Getting your head in the right place. The Prepper mentality requires decision-making. Are you a committed prepper in a full-time prepper mindset or are you more concerned with self-sufficiency and simply see being a prepper as a part of becoming more independent? Are you interested in being self-reliant and to what degree?

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First, are we going to accept the assessment from any author or writer from a popular website or blog and take it as fact? This can also be rephrased: Are online forums, social media, and people’s opinions enough to give anyone a general idea on who and what we are?

No. For something to be accepted as fact, it has to be proven and tested by qualified professionals. This means that all the preppers in the country (and the rest of the world if possible) have to be brought under the microscope. Every single one must take a standardized test. The results will be collected and put together to come up with a general idea of the personality of a prepper. Then and only then can we accept whatever they find. Basically, the labels that others put on preppers are just opinions, which can either be right or wrong.

FInally, what really is the psychological profile of a prepper? No one knows. It will take a lot of research and no one has done any study that used a qualified, representative sample. Just like other groups, there are a small number of extremists who can give us all a bad reputation and that is not reason enough to label every prepper as neurotic. After all, most of us live normal lives, we enjoy our families and do our jobs.

Do you agree? How would you assess your own personality as a prepper? Feel free to leave a comment.

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