Veteran Pulls Endless Supply of Water Out of Thin Air

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[Photo: David Hertz fills his bottle with the water from his atmospheric water generator. (Caleigh Wells/LAist)

It might sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but a man in Texas built a machine capable of pulling water out of the air for an endless supply of this precious resource.

Moses West, a military veteran from San Antonio, first started developing the device at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas.

Over the past few years, West worked on improving the machine and giving evidence of its capabilities by taking advantage of a naturally occurring phenomenon – condensation.

Obviously, this means West’s water-pulling machine works best in warm, humid conditions.

The device, which is about the size of a shipping container, literally makes it “rain” inside. Users can fill containers to carry the water via the attached spigot and hose.

If you think West is using his invention to get rich, think again. Instead of searching for wealth, he started a non-profit called the Water Rescue Foundation. His aim is to do good in the world.

For example, the machine was quite successful in Puerto Rico a few years back, when West took it there after Hurricane Maria.

Unfortunately, that particular model is now inoperable, but another is giving relief to families in Flint, Michigan. Even with the weather cooling off, it’s still producing about 1,200 gallons daily.

Today, West is planning on taking his machine to the Bahamas so the locals can access free, unlimited water. The islands were recently struck by Hurricane Dorian.

“This is a long-term recovery for the people there, and one of the stresses that they do not need to have is a lack of clean water,” he told KXAN.

However, this goodwill gesture will cost a minimum of $15,000 in transportation alone. The Water Rescue Foundation is relying on donations by members of the public.

Sevenly, a clothing company, is trying to help the cause with its “Bahamas Strong” t-shirt. All sales proceeds are donated to West’s non-profit.


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